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Home Cover Plan

Our home cover plan is designed to grant our esteemed customers absolute serenity with respect to emergency home coverage.


When things go wrong we are here to solve them with unlimited engineer call outs and no excess combined with a 24 hour customer dedicated helpline.

Why Choose Us?

At Home Cover Plan, we understand that unexpected home repairs can be stressful and costly. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering reliable and affordable cover plans that ensure you’re prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.


Whether it’s a burst pipe, a faulty electrical system, or a broken appliance, our plans are crafted to provide prompt assistance and expert support when you need it most.


Backed by a team of experienced professionals and a network of trusted service providers, we prioritise efficiency and customer satisfaction above all else.

Frequently asked questions

Home Cover Plan refers to an insurance policy that affords fiscal security to property owners against unexpected and urgent repairs required in their homes. Generally, this insurance type shields emergency repairs that include burst pipes, boiler breakdowns, electrical defects, roofing harm, and other abrupt home emergencies. Policyholders can acquire this coverage as a standalone policy or as a complement to their prevailing home insurance policy. The protection level of home emergency coverage policies differs from one another, providing the consumer with flexibility. Securing home emergency coverage can grant property owners peace of mind, assured that they possess financial protection and access to competent tradespeople if an emergency arises.

Home Cover Plan can prove advantageous in specific circumstances, providing aid and support for unforeseen incidents that demand prompt attention within your abode, for instance, burst conduits, boiler malfunctions, or electrical failures.


In the event that you reside in an antiquated dwelling with outmoded plumbing or warming systems, or you occupy a location that is prone to severe weather phenomena, emergency coverage may serve you well. It engenders a sense of security knowing that you possess access to 24-hour support and assistance should an emergency arise.


Nevertheless, comprehending the terms and conditions of any policy is crucial, enabling you to discern precisely what is included and what is not. Policies. may impose limitations such as the maximum number of call-outs or the highest level of coverage for any given scenario.


Moreover, if you are already protected under a home insurance policy or a comprehensive maintenance agreement with a service provider, you may already hold some level of emergency coverage.


Ultimately, the efficiency of home emergency coverage is contingent upon your individual circumstances and risk threshold. It may be worthwhile considering if you are apprehensive about the probable cost and inconvenience of sudden domestic calamities.

Thorough investigation is indispensable in identifying the optimum coverage for emergencies at home. Firstly, determine your coverage requirements and examine any relevant exclusions. Proceed by scrutinising different providers and their policies, paying close attention to the merits, limitations, and fees of each scheme.


Furthermore, scour the internet for customer feedback, gauging their experiences with the provider and their insurance coverage. Seeking the counsel of a reliable insurance agent or broker may also prove advantageous in navigating the intricate world of insurance policies and determining the most fitting plan for your specific needs. In conclusion, meticulous research and prudent deliberation are pivotal in selecting the most suitable home emergency coverage plan for your circumstances.

This policy will only provide a temporary repair to limit or prevent the damage, or if at a similar expense the cost of completing a permanent repair in respect of cover provided.

You are covered in respect of properties located in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

You must provide full and accurate information to all questions asked. Your answers must be answered to the best of your knowledge and belief. Your answers will form part of the statement of facts of which your policy will be based, if you become aware that the information you have given us is inaccurate or has changed, you must inform us as soon as possible. Failure to do this may invalidate your policy and claims may not be valid.

Your cover will start on the day you complete your application and set up your direct debit. Unless you notify us we will automatically renew your policy for a further 12 months.

f you decide that for any reason, this policy does not meet your insurance needs then please email info@homecoverplan.co.uk

We define a Home Emergency as an insured event that is sudden, unexpected and require immediate corrective action to:

  1. Prevent damage or further damage to your home
  2. Make your home secure; or
  3. Relieve unreasonable discomfort, risk to health or difficulty to an insured person

You can call the claim line one: 0117 927 5221

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